How to Print on T-Shirt Without Transfer Paper

How to Print on T-Shirt Without Transfer Paper - Original

If you have plain Tshirt without any prints and you want to get your preferred design get printed on it without transfer paper then it is very easy. Check out our step by step guide on how to print on t-shirt without transfer paper.

How to Print on T-Shirt Without Transfer Paper | Step-By-Step

Follow these simple procedures to get your t shirt printed without any problem:

Things to be taken care

  1. Turn off the iron steam
  2. Always use flat surface to iron so that the image gets printed evenly
  3. The printed shirt should be washed by hands
  4. Iron the corners properly for better image transfer

Things we need

  1. T shirt
  2. Pamphlets
  3. Image that you want to print
  4. Wrapping plastic


  1. Get your favorite picture from any source. You can get it printed from printer or get a cut out from any magazine. It can be anything of your interest. But it must fit your shirt and should not make the design look busy.
  2. Cut out the image and get the image wrapped in the plastic wrap.
  3. Wrap around the image with the shirt. Place the image carefully where you want it on the t shirt and then cover it with the parchment paper.
  4. In order to transfer the image on the shirt you need an iron set on high.
  5. Iron the shirt properly and carefully so that the corner and side portion of the image gets printed on the shirt properly.
  6. Once the above procedure is done keep aside the shirt to get cool down before taking out the parchment paper.
  7. Your t shirt is ready with cool image printed on it.

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How to Print on T-Shirt Using Citra-Solv

For this we will use a photo or graphics printed on a paper. This print should be done by a printer that uses toner. This is one of the easiest methods to print.

Things We Should Remember:

In order to get the print on the shirt make sure that you print your image in reverse order. If you don’t do so then the final image in the shirt will appear in a reversed manner. So while printing the shirt be careful about printing the image.

The Citra-Solv is a concentrated solution and will be used in highly diluted form. The smell of the concentrated Citra-Solv is very strong so we need a ventilated space to do so.

Always consider the shirts which have tighter that will result in better printing of the image. With loose stitching the image print will not be as good as it should be.

Things we need:

  1. Citra-Solv
  2. Small Bowl
  3. T shirt
  4. Paint brush
  5. Wooden Spoon
  6. Safety gloves and Goggles
  7. Clothes for cleaning

Here are the procedures we need to follow in order to print


  1. Put the material on a flat surface with some clothes or newspaper under it. Also put a layer of parchment paper while using the news paper so that the newspaper won’t get into the back of the fabric.
  2. Always use a safety goggle and gloves while using the solution of Citra-Solv to keep our skin safe and keep it away from children as there is chance of splashing.
  3. Place the image where you want to print on the shirt and face it down and pin it on that place so that it doesn’t get displaced.
  4. For applying the Citra-Solv solution use a bowl to pour it and apply that using a brush on the back side of the image. Remember that the coat of the Citra-Solv will be light and the paper needs to wet and do not apply too much of the solution in order to get a better print as it will ruin the image.
  5. While applying the Citra-Solv always use a spoon and gently press it on the back of the image with very light pressure. This will help in getting a better print and the quality of print especially at the edges will also come out better. Always use a rounded spoon for doing this as it will work better.
  6. For all this process we need to have patience and do not try to lift the image and check the quality of the print as it may leave some area unprinted. You may also not get your image aligned and it may come out blurred.
  7. After all the process is completed, remove the image carefully and allow it to dry for sometimes. After that use a iron on medium heat and put a towel below the iron board so that the trapped Citra-Solv get released and sets the image on the fabric.
  8. The printed shirt is ready to use and it can be washed and dried normally and there may be so fading of colors but it will get resolved after some time.

How to Print on T-Shirt with Stencil?

A stencil is used to print any desired design or image by placing on the surface on which we want the particular design. It can be in form of plastic, cardboard or paper also.


  1. In order to prevent the shirt from shrinking wash the shirt and then dry it properly. Then put the stencil on the shirt. To prevent the movement of the stencil you can tape the stencil at the corners.
  2. Remember to put a flat cardboard below the shirt for preventing any problem while printing.
  3. Use a brush and you can use any of the color of your desire. U can mix different color of your want and apply the brush on the shirt with the help of stencil such a way that there is full coat and perfect distribution of the ink. Remove the stencil before the ink dries up.
  4. After all the above process use a baking paper and place it over the print. Make sure that the ink is dry and you have place the baking paper properly. Heat the iron gently and slowing move over the baking paper with little pressure.
  5. Your shirt is ready with a beautiful design.

Things to use

  1. Shirt
  2. Stencil
  3. Color
  4. Brush
  5. Baking Paper

How to Print on T-Shirt with Gel Medium?

  1. Things we need:
  2. Gel medium(Liquitex)
  3. Shirt
  4. Paint brush
  5. Spray bottle for water
  6. Scissor
  7. Image we need to print

Things to remember

It doesn’t work with images printed by inkjet printers. Use image that are printed by copy machine, laser printer or other process.


  1. First remember when you are applying the image always reverse it to get a proper output or else the printed image will be reversed. Get the excess paper out of the image.
  2. Use the above mentioned gel over the image using a paint brush. Make sure that you apply te get evenly over the image in a prescribed amount and don’t leave lump of get on the image.
  3. Turn the image and place it over the cloth carefully on the desired place. Use a spoon to press the image gently so that image gets fixed on the cloth properly. Ensure that the edges are properly intact with the cloth.
  4. Leave the shirt for at least eight hour and don’t lift to image to see the result.
  5. Once everything is done and the medium get is dry, spray some water over the image to take out that wet paper. After you remove the paper, let the shirt to dry completely.
  6. The shirt is ready and can be hand washed or can go into the washing machine.


The best method to print from the above option is the one using the gel method. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. The print is long lasting
  2. We get full color of the image
  3. Process is simple
  4. Printed Image has better quality
  5. Minimum Labor

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