How To Print on Fabric with a Laser Printer?

How To Print on Fabric with a Laser Printer

Printing on fabric is much easier nowadays than it was a few years back thanks to the new laser printer. Fabric printing is in fashion- you must have designed a college or a fest T-Shirt. The traditional method involved holding the fabric steadily after ironing again and again till it is stable to be printed onto the printer. Newer printers are including fabric print and manufacturers have solved the problem as well. So if you want to know how to print on Fabric with a Laser printer, don’t worry we have got you covered.

Freezer Paper: Freezer Papers makes a good backing for the fabrics to be printed. Pre treated fabrics are required for inkjet printers not laser printers. Freezer printer comes with a dull and a shiny side. The shiny side adheres to the fabric easily with medium hot ironing. Then when the printing is complete the paper peels of easily without leaving any residue.

How To Print on Fabric with a Laser Printer | Tutorial

  1. Use a dry fabric while printing and follow all the manufacturer instructions if using any particular piece of fabric. Laser printers do not require any pre treated fabric.
  2. First tear off the 12 inch section of the freezer paper. Cut a section that is about 8 and a half inches over in width.
  3. Remove loose threads on fabric and press the larger fabric on the freezer paper.
  4.  The shiny side down of the freezer paper must be placed on the wrong side of the fabric and ironed at medium hot temperature slowly and smoothly.
  5. Use a cutting equipment like the rotary cutting equipment to trim to about 8.5×11 inches. If any edge separates from the freezer paper iron it again, to ensure fabric sticks with it.  
  6.  Print the fabric, use the highest quality setting for printing.
  7. After printing let it dry for some time and coat it with several layers of Krylon Workable Fixatif.

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A laser printer prints fabric and makes it extremely stiff. Use it mostly for printing decorative items. Do experiment to find what suits you the most. Fabric printing comes in with many benefits. The quality is really good and it can print a wide range of designs that reduces manual work by a lot. There are several complex designs that can’t be done by hand, thus fabric printing is really great for these situations.

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