10 Best Projectors Under $600 [With Buying Guide]

best projector under 600

Looking for some Best Projectors Under $600? You have landed on the right page. Home theatres are cool, no doubt. But likely not within everyone’s or anyone’s budget. Projectors alternatively offer a similar experience at a much lower cost. All you have to do is connect it to your system, and you’re ready to go. 

Apart from personal uses, projectors are heavily featured in work environments. Therefore, it is necessary that they have a long shelf life and can work quickly and efficiently. Having a board meeting or an important clientele conference with your projector letting you down won’t do.

We have picked some Best Projector Under $600 that are known for their performance and price.

Best Projectors Under $600 | Quick Pick

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ViewSonic M2e


Optoma HD146X




NEBULA Anker Capsule


10 Best Projectors Under $600 [Detailed View]

1. ViewSonic M2e

One of the lightest projectors you could ever hope to get for projector under $600, ViewSonic M2e is a wonderfully compact and portable projector. With an attractive slim profile and an easy set-up procedure, it is a highly preferred product available on the market.

It has an in-built sensor that will automatically adjust the focus and keystone correction upon turning on with no manual fiddling requirement.

It has a mix of wired and wireless input options, a memory card slot to play downloaded content, and an Aptoid streaming interface. It is an easy-to-use and maintain projector that comes at a wallet-friendly price and can be used when you need to move a lot.

With an amazing picture quality, a high dynamic contrast, and SuperColor+ technology, it provides a realistic and over-the-top picture quality, allowing it to be used in dark viewing spaces.

However, the ViewSonic M2e is prone to wash out from even small amounts of ambient light and possesses a weak lamp. This projector is not a viable option for being used as a presentation projector.

A more residential use such as camping trips or backyard movies is more apt for this.

  • Easy to set up with auto-focus and 2D keystone Good variety of wired and wireless connections Low-maintenance with long lamp lifespan Portable design
  • Limited apps Low lamp brightness

2. XGIMI Elfin

Perhaps, one of the most budget-complicit projectors you can find on the market, the XGIMI Elfin stands true to its name and is compact.

This projector has an integrated Android-based streaming interface with access to all the apps on the Google Play store and built-in voice control through Google Assistant. 

The installation process is smart as it contains an image sensor to help correct the focus and screen geometry. This allows for no dimensions to be incorrect and results in perfect alignment.

With a slid structure and light, lightweight, this projector can just be slid into your bag or case and picked up by even a toddler.

The built-in speakers and streaming further reduce the additional necessities needed in using the projector. 

Highly preferred by those who are always on the move, this projector is an excellent choice.

However, if you look for brightness as a crucial factor, the projector might lack a little. The lamp is capable of 800 lumens which are deemed slightly average, and the throw distance is short.

With Super portable design and Quality picture colors, It is surely a competitor for getting a projector under $600.

  • Super portable design Quality sound Wireless connectivity
  • Requires a fully dark room Low image contrast

3. NEBULA Anker Capsule

In all fairness, this projector should probably win based on looks alone. With a sleek, slim, and attractive design, the NEBULA Anker Capsule is a vision to behold. 

Available in two striking colors, DLP’s advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver a remarkably bright 100 ANSI-lumen image to this projector.

The NEBULA Anker Capsule is also equipped with a powerful omnidirectional speaker; this mini projector makes sound all around.

The projector is capable of providing high-quality streaming of various online applications. 

It promises a battery life of three hours on average. It can be connected using HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and screen mirroring. There have been complaints regarding the brightness quotient of this projector. 

It would be crime if we don’t include Nebula Anker Capsule in our list of best Projectors for $600.

  • Design Portability Picture quality
  • Brightness

4. BenQ TH585

An old-school projector at its best. With its classic structure and stellar quality, this home projector is sure to remind everyone of their good old summer days.

The TH585 is built around a single 1,920-by-1,200-pixel DLP chip, but it uses only 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, which gives the projector a 1080p native resolution.

The TH585 offers a small chassis and lightweight, important to gamers who want a projector they can easily move from room to room.

The TH585 weighs 6.2 pounds and includes one HDMI port, one HDMI/MHL port, and a VGA port for image inputs. 

The projector further supports digital vertical lens shifting. Voted the best projector for gaming, the BenQ is a go-to if you want to use it for personal purposes rather than official ones.

However, the built-in sound system is of poor quality and doesn’t support color accuracy. But it can be safely said that this is one of the best projectors under 600 dollars available in the market.

5. Epson VS355 WXGA

The projector offers bright, vibrant images with the Epson VS355 3300-Lumen WXGA 3LCD Projector. This projector provides for accurate and vivid colors even in lit rooms.

They have an excellent WXGA resolution (1280 x 800), making it 2x more resolution than SVGA for projecting HD presentations and video. This makes it the best available projector compatible with widescreen laptops.

They have a fast and easy setup with little-to-no trouble. The projector has image adjustments and convenient controls. The projector enables and supports HDMI, the standard in connectivity for digital video and audio in one cable.

Despite the amazing picture quality, the projector doesn’t offer a lot regarding resolution or specs sheet.

  • Affordability Vivid colors
  • Low-resolution

6. Epson EX3260 SVGA

Another Espon product is a household favorite for its price and the features offered. 

The highly portable Epson EX3260 delivers solid data-image quality and very good video quality in a projector that’s a fine fit for offices and schools. It has an accurate color rendition, a solid assortment of ports, easy portability, and good quality for both data images and video. 

The projector uses the 4:3 aspect ratio commonly used in traditional data presentations. This allows for considerably more image height than you’d get with a widescreen projector. However, the projector lacks the option of optical zoom. It also cannot project 3D content

  • Image height Works in well-lit rooms Affordable 
  • No optical zoom Inability to project 3d

7. Optoma HD146X

Yet another product from the same brand, if you are looking for the quality of the picture displayed under $600 and that is your top priority, well then, look no further.

This projector offers the best picture quality at a surprisingly affordable rate. The projector uses advanced technology, including a Texas Instruments DLP chip, a 6-segment color wheel, and Dynamic Black contrast enhancement.

Gamers prefer this projector due to the availability of the Enhanced Gaming Mode.

The low 16ms input latency ensures no delay or lag. This results in a sharp, high-definition image. The picture is better optimized with better details in darker areas and smoother frame-to-frame movement.

With its 1-chip design and color wheel, those sensitive to rainbow effects may notice this feature. This projector has a long throw distance making it unsuitable for small spaces.

  • Single-chip design makes aligning image easier Relatively quiet operation Dynamic Black contrast technology Low input lag in Enhanced Gaming Mode
  • May produce a rainbow effect for sensitive viewers Long-throw distance

8. InFocus IN114xv

The InFocus IN114xv is a DLP projector with WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and does more with ultra-long lamp life, high brightness, and amazing connectivity. It has a compact design and is lightweight, making it easy to move.

The IN110xa Series features up to an unprecedented 15,000 hours of lamp life when used in Dynamic Mode. With no filters to replace, these projectors are an unbeatable value.

However, there have been certain display problems. And the service response is low.

  • Light-weight Three-dimensional picture Lamp life
  • Display

9. BenQ MH535A

This projector is majorly known for its versatility element. With HDMI and USB connectivity, this projector provides a quick, easy setup. 

It offers a full HD 1080p picture that will stay bright. It offers a sharp image contrast and clarity to its users with amazing picture quality.

It projects a 120-inch image from 11 feet, 11 inches; it is ideally suited for a large room with a clear, undisrupted viewing surface. The projector works for both home and office use. 

Using DLP technology, the BenQ MH535A provides a striking 15,000:1 contrast ratio. This leads to superior clarity. It has 3600 lumens of brightness and can be easily carried, making it portable. 

However, you need the space to be dark for maximum effectiveness, and the speaker quality available is not up to par.

  • Easy to use Versatile Media capabilities
  • Speaker quality Need for a dark room

10. Optoma DH351

The Optoma DH351 is a smart and top-quality projector known for its versatility. This projector works for both presentations and other professional uses and personal purposes.

Its bright lamp produces a vibrant, saturated picture even with relatively high ambient light levels. This makes it great for conference rooms and fits the bill in the classroom.

This projector offers an amazing picture quality with a 1080p resolution paired with a 6-segment color wheel and Dynamic Black technology, enhancing the color and contrast.

It is portable and weighs lower than other projectors, making it easy to be carried. The projector contains zoom and keystone correction making it easy to handle.

However, you need ample space to use it as it falls under the category of a standard throw projector. There have been complaints regarding the connection panels and a single HDMI input, making complex set-ups difficult to achieve.

  • Bright lamp works in any indoor light environment Lightweight and compact Supports 3-d
  • Long-throw distance Limited connectivity

Best Projectors Under $600 | Buying Guide

1. Brightness

It is essential to check for the projector’s brightness before purchasing it. Although some projectors may offer several distinctive features, the brightness quotient available may not be well-tuned. The projector brightness is measured in lumens. For home theater projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum, you’ll need a minimum of 1500 lumens, and schools and conferences need 2500 lumens.

2. Resolution and Picture Quality

These are critical factors that need to be considered before purchase. A higher resolution offers better picture quality than a lower resolution that offers a low quality. Resolution describes how clear a projected image will be based on how many pixels can be displayed in a given space. Depending on the use of the projector, the customer needs to look into the most compatible resolution. 

3. Throw Distance

A projector’s throw distance is the distance between the projector and the image on the screen (i.e., the distance that the image is “thrown”). You need a little bit of math here. The customers are advised to carefully consider the projector offering their ideal throw to get the best experience.

4. Life

The lamp life of projectors generally lasts for a while. However, it is still important to check out the overall life of the projector and its respective components.

5. Power

This is a variable cost as depending on the type of use and the time used directly influences the power rate. Some projectors are equipped to draw in lesser power than their counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do projectors lose brightness?

Projectors can lose up to half of their original brightness as they age. Check your projector user guide to estimate how long you should use your projector lamp.

2. How far can a projector reach?

Screen projection of up to 200 inches.

3. How long do projector screens last?

Screen projection of up to 200 inches.

4. Is a projector better than a TV?

A 100-inch TV makes watching anything an event. The better projectors also had far better contrast ratios and, therefore, better image quality than most TVs of the time. Short-throw projectors can help fit a projector into just about any room, but they can still look washed out in brighter lighting.

We have put together a list of some of the best available projectors in the market for under 600$. We hope you can select the projector best suited to your home and office needs. The features, pros, cons, and links have been provided for your perusal.

Thanks for Reading :)

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