Best 11 X 17 Multifunction Printers

Best 11 X 17 Multifunction Printers

When everything has come to a halt or has changed during these unprecedented times or has changed, one constant thing is our work. Be it for the documents, accounting statement of a typical corporate workspace setting or the various assignments, projects and homework for students, a printer has become a great friend.

Now the question is, in the present scenario where our home has become our workspace, what kind of printer would be the best which could cater to all of our requirements at a much feasible cost. The wait for the answer to this question will come to an end as this guide will provide you with all the required information to decide which printer is perfect for you.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Printer


The first thing in this process of choosing a printer is deciding what our requirements are from it. Please choose whether you require a simple monochrome one or a colored one; you need it for office-oriented, student-oriented work or both.


PPM (pages each minute) is a manual for how quick a printer can print pages.

DPI (dots per inch) or the number of specks of ink the printer can apply to a square inch of paper. This spec helps concentrate exactly how great a printer is at making high-goal, high-detail pictures. While these properties assisting the speed of a printer are often hyped up as the main requirements and the deciding factor behind choosing the best printer

These specs are a considerable reference for contrasting one gadget from others, but they aren’t a requirement, especially for home-oriented printers.


A multifunction printer is a printer that can sweep and fax just as the print. They come in both inkjet and laser assortments and are typically called “all-in-ones”. A multifunction unit bodes well for home-based work, not just because it’s less expensive than purchasing a printer and an independent scanner yet additionally for the saving room.


While this may not seem to be an essential trait to look upon, but interestingly it is. Nowadays, when we have such different types and sizes of printing paper, it becomes necessary to look up the feeder plates properties of a printer. Choose one that allows varied sizes of paper and store a considerate stack of paper to avoid regular refilling.


Today, practically every printing gadget offers various availability choices. Fundamental wi-fi and cloud printing networks are currently standard; however, different kinds of associations might be more valuable for specific tasks.

  1. Wi-fi: most of the home printers are intended to interface straightforwardly to your wi-fi organization. These printers allow you to set up your printer via wi-fi and allows you to print through any device connected to the same network using certain networks.
  2. USB: USB associations are normal on printers, with the USB-A standard being particularly normal. This permits you to attach external hard drives and an assortment of different gadgets, then, at that point, utilize the printer’s menu screen to print records straightforwardly off of them.
  3. Cloud printing: Many printers nowadays allow you to print directly through your cloud spaces; this makes the process of printing extremely comfortable and less desktop-bound.
  4. NFC: NFC (Near-Field Communication) is additionally accessible on certain models, allowing you to associate your printer to a cell phone or tablet by essentially contacting the gadget to a predefined region on your printer.


One component that is turning out to be normal and that we consider a major and is programmed duplexing. Duplexing alludes to printing or checking the two sides of the page without necessitating that you physically flip the page over. On a printer, duplexing is refined by printing.

One component that is turning out to be exceptionally normal and that we consider a major addition is programmed duplexing. Duplexing alludes to printing or examining the two sides of the page without necessitating that you physically flip the page over.

Duplex filtering is a significant accommodation on the off chance that you as often as possible output two-sided pages, similar to those cut from a magazine. What’s more, duplex printing is just about an unquestionable requirement nowadays, assisting you with saving paper when single-side printing isn’t required.

3 Best 11 X 17 Multifunction Printers

1. Epson EcoTank L15150

It is one of the most cost-efficient multifunctional A3 printers in the market, with admirable printing quality. It offers a highly appreciable paper yield of 6000 coloureds and 7,500 monochrome pages.


  • Printing speed: 25.0 ipm(Black) / 12.0 ipm(Colour)
  • Bi-directional printing
  • 250 sheet holding capacity per tray
  • 10.9 cm colour LCD touch-screen
  • 19 W power consumption


  • Excellent network connectivity. Accepts printing commands via wi-fi, Ethernet, wi-fi Direct, Epson Connect, which offers iprint, scan to cloud, Remote print driver and Epson email print.
  • Low power consumption (Heat Free Technology)
  • Delivers sharp, water-resistant, duplex and high-quality prints at reasonable costs.
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • High printing speed


  • Does not have automatic paper feeding facilities.
  • High Noise level

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Top Pick


Multifunction Printers

This HP product is one of the most versatile A3 printers in the market. It is equipped with various features which can make printing extremely easy and convenient for you.

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  • Connects to your laptop, smartphone and tablets.
  • Low per-page ink consumption (consuming 50% less ink without compromising the printing quality.) Equipped with USB, 1 Host USB, Ethernet, wi-fi, 2 RJ-11 modem ports
  • Energy efficient
  • High scan resolution
  • Duty cycle is also lower than the other printers.
  • No network capabilities
  • No envelope feeder
  • Absence of automatic paper sensor

This HP product is one of the most versatile A3 printers in the market. It is equipped with various features which can make printing extremely easy and convenient for you. Features like auto-document feeding, automatic duplexing and fast printing speeds allow it to stand out from the other printers.


  • Print speed: 22ppm (black), 18ppm (coloured)
  • 1.2 GHz processor speed
  • 2.65″ (6.75 cm) touchscreen control panel with colour graphic display; LED indicator light (Wi-Fi indicator)
  • Supports A4, B5, A3 sheets
  • Software included: HP dropbox , HP Google Drive. Microsoft DotNet
  • Wi-fi Compatible

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3. Epson L1455 (MONOCHROME)

If you are looking for an efficient monochrome office printer, Epson L1455 will be a perfect choice. It has remarkable productivity and output quality, and it will also enhance your user experience.


  • Printing Speed: 32ppm/ 22ppm
  • Warranty – 2 years (80,000 prints)
  • 4.3in touchscreen colour LCD
  • Supports both Bi-directional and Uni-directional printing
  • 400 x 2 Nozzles black; 128 x 2 Nozzles per colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
  • PrecisionCore Printhead
  • Maximum Paper Size: 329 x 1200mm


  • Duplex printing
  • Automatic paper feeder properties
  • Allows printing without a PC.
  • Single sheet rear feeder that allows to set thick papers, labels and envelopes conveniently.
  • Supersized productivity, brilliant speed
  • Enables A3+ size paper printing.
  • Card slots (SD card and Memory stick)


  • Not efficient in printing figures and diagrams.
  • High power consumption.
  • No color compatibility.

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1. Do laser printers perform better than inkjet printers?

Laser printers print at a very feasible cost, but they are not compatible with coloured printing and multifunctional features.

2. Is the PPM of printers an important attribute?

While this is one of the attributes that PPM should look upon, one should not base their entire buying strategy on this feature.

3. Can we print from these printers while sitting at home?

Some printers allow the feasibility of printing through the cloud, so the answer is a YES, but the printers that work on Bluetooth do not offer you the same feature.

4. Should I buy an ink tank printer or a cartridge one?

Ink based printers are more cost-friendly than cartridge-based printers. You might feel that this is wrong as cartridge printers are cheaper than ink tank ones, but one should note that this is only the buying cost. The running cost of cartridge printers is much more than their counterparts. They exceed their buying price as well.


Printers have become a prime necessity nowadays, and multifunctional printers make our lives much easier. They are not just cost-efficient and user-friendly. They also allow you a wide range of printing options. With a large variety of printers present in the market, one might get confused by a large number of pieces of advice and misleading information that is provided to them regarding which printer is best for them. If you are looking for a perfect printer for your home, then you should just focus on the features mentioned above, and you will be surprised by the amazing device that you buy.

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Best 11 X 17 Multifunction Printers

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